SoSoGay – April 22nd 2015

This year’s Pride in London is set for the theme of Heroes, following a hugely successful #freedomto theme last year, which won their ad agency a number of awards.

Pride in London is a week-long festival, from 21 to 28 June, celebrating all aspects of the LGBT community. Last year more than 750,000 people came to the event, with 30,000 people joining the annual Parade. This year’s Parade takes place on Saturday 27 June, alongside the festival in Trafalgar Square and activities in Soho.

‘Heroes’ will celebrate individuals who have contributed to LGBT rights over the years. Participants are being asked to nominate their own heroes, from the famous to the unsung, and to share their suggestions via the Twitter hashtag #PrideHeroes.

Chair for Pride in London, Michael Salter, commented: ‘With our new #PrideHeroes campaign we’re encouraging people to celebrate and acknowledge the personal and historic heroes within our community, whether friends and family, factual or fictional, historic or living, political or celebrity. People will be able to publicly acknowledge their heroes and celebrate the positive impact they have had on their lives and the broader LGBT+ community.’

Barclays – which was has been recognised as a ‘Star Performer’ by Stonewall for its support of lesbian, gay and bisexual staff – has again agreed to be a main sponsor. In 2012, the event was officially cancelled following finance difficulties, and it is only with sponsor money that it can go ahead.

During the festival the bank will be inviting people to use its Pingit payment app to donate to Pride in London from their phone or via Twitter. The bank also claims that event-goers will be able to use the app to pay for items such as drinks and food more easily and quickly than with cash.

Val Soranno Keating, Barclays’ Global LGBT+ lead and CEO of Barclaycard, said: ‘Our on-going relationship with Pride is just one of the ways in which we show our commitment to the LGBT+ community. We want our colleagues, customers and clients to feel free to express who they are at all times, and have made great strides internally in creating an inclusive global workplace. By supporting Pride in London, we’re saying “this is who we are” and we want to encourage everyone else to be able to say who they are, without fear.’

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