The world’s favourite calendar boys are back! With a US tour and shoots on glamorous locations in England and Spain under their belts, the world-beating Warwick Rowers launch crowdfunder campaign to make 2016 another record-breaking year.

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The Warwick Rowers naked calendar has grown hugely in popularity every year since its launch in 2009. In December 2015, the handsome university athletes’ international success was confirmed when their US tour generated half a BILLION page views in US online media.

(See here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/abagg/ahhhhh-butts#.uvpLk2xDx)

Since it began, the calendar has raised over £300,000 for good causes, including nearly £50,000 for Sport Allies, the charity initiative to challenge homophobia in sport that the calendar has funded. It has also turned the rowing club at Warwick University, which had previously suffered from chronic underfunding, into one of the most competitive rowing clubs in British university sport.


The boys called on all their athletic stamina during a marathon eight days of shooting for their 2016 calendar and film – though it helped that the shoots were in glamorous locations that include a magnificent country house in England, a stunning villa in the hills above Marbella, Spain and the Atlantic beaches of Spain’s trendy Tarifa. Lucas, who was doing the calendar for the first time this year, explained:

We told people that we were looking for new places to shoot, and got these amazing offers of free locations. It was a lot of fun for us to be in these fantastic places – especially since we got to spend the whole time naked! But most importantly it means that we have been able to step up our game in the calendar, just like we have in our boats.

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Although they pride themselves on producing high quality products on a shoestring, the club still needs help to cover costs. Tristan, who works on the calendar on both sides of the camera, explained the importance of crowdfunding to the project:

We’re basically a fundraising project – the money that comes in goes straight out again. We’re not sitting on some vast pile of cash, and we need to pay for production of the next year’s calendars, films and everything else.   So every summer we come up with great deals and unique offers that make it possible for us to cover our costs and get the best value from our suppliers, so that as much of our revenue as possible can go where it’s needed. It also means our supporters get a great deal!

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The boys are excited about their crowdfunder offerings this year, which include great deals on their existing stock of films, downloads, clothes and stationery. But they are especially excited about their new products for 2016, which crowdfunders can get at unbeatable prices:

  • A luxurious calendar with big A3 pictures and full “month planner” functionality
  • Full colour Ultra HD films of the 2016 shoots and their US tour
  • Hundreds of bonus images that were too risqué for the calendar!
  • Their very first coffee table book, beautifully produced in a limited edition of 1000 to show the Warwick Rowers as you have never seen them before.

The Warwick Rowers 2016 crowdfunder campaign is live now at warwickrowers.org/crowdfunder. Full details of all prices and offers can be found there.

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Sport Allies receives 10% of all profits from Warwick Rowers products. The organization has now been formalised with a board of directors, including experts in media, education, LGBT rights and third sector development. The Board is currently developing an evidence-based strategy and business plan in line with the organisation’s vision of “A world where sport is a leader in celebrating diversity” and mission “To harness the power of team sports to champion inclusivity as a driver of success.” In parallel to its organizational development, the key initial delivery project in development is a joint venture with a major international football club to create an anti-homophobia viral video.

Twitter: @naked_rowers
Instagram: @warwick_rowers

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