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This is Alfredo Roagui:

This is how he describes himself:

“Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, the land of tequila, Alfredo Roagui is passionate about drawing, as many of his generation he grew up under the magic of Disney animation, but for him this was more than just childish fun, it was a key role in the construction of his own personal illustrated universe, which aroused in him the desire to capture what he felt and lived, to develop his own drawing style, also influenced by the artwork of Tom of Finland, and the genius of artist Glen Hanson, among many others.

Alfredo Roagui; graphic designer, has worked in various areas of design such as publishing, branding, and its most remarkable, illustration, which is well recognized and have been published in various editorial around the world, his illustrations have taken part in various galleries exhibitions in Mexico and France, in addition to continuous collaborations with associations for the LGBTTTI community rights.

Roagui’s work celebrates and embraces diversity by offering a proposal that has the potential to become an LGBTTTI contemporary culture icon, not only by providing illustration and pop culture charisma but by the natural style in his works.”

This is his work:



To check out his website, click here or his Instagram here.

If you want to buy some of his merchandise, check out his Etsy store here.