While straight people have had centuries of tradition to help them through marriage proposals, things aren’t quite as set in stone for LGBT couples looking to tie the knot. MyVoucherCodes have surveyed 1000s of gays and lesbians to discover what you should and shouldn’t do to pull of the perfect gay proposal.

The survey showed that the most popular place to pop the question is on holiday, whilst the more traditional setting of “a fancy restaurant” was the least popular setting.

Similarly, around 80% of respondents said they would prefer a private proposal to a public one.

When it came to the ring itself, the 66% of men preferred a simple metal band over anything fancy or a traditional diamond ring, and women were evenly spread between a minimalist metal ring, a fancy ring and a traditional ring. 73% of men and 90% of women said that how much the ring cost didn’t matter at all.

In terms of spending money on the proposal itself, 73% of men and 84% of women said they would prefer something low key and none of the women polled wanted an extravagant proposal.

The majority of men and women would want their proposal to be a complete surprise.

When it comes to asking the in-laws, surely the most dreaded of all proposal traditions, only 13% of men and 44% of women would expect their fiancé to ask for their hand in marriage.

However, dropping to one knee seems to be as popular amongst LGB people as it is with their straight counterparts, with 73% of men and 63% of women expecting their betrothed to get down on one knee to pop the question.

See the full infographic below:

Perfect Gay Proposal infographic