Following on from the much speculated Rugby World Cup opening weekend last weekend, Brandwatch, the social intelligence platform to help marketers prove the ROI of all of their activities through social, has analysed the public’s reaction to this year’s biggest sporting event, as well as the sponsor brands.


The public were quick to take to social media during the first match on Friday seeing England beat Fiji, and since then Brandwatch tracked 1.2m mentions of the Rugby World Cup. Japan so far is the most mentioned country after their historic win on Saturday, with 156k mentions followed by England with 110k mentions.

Rugby Word Cloud

Fans have generally been very positive about sponsors of the event. The most negatively received including Mastercard and Emirates. (Note: green = % of positive sentiment, red = % of negative sentiment)

Rugby Sponsors Chart

The most used individual country hashtag so far is #jpn and the most used game hashtag #rsavjpn.

Rugby Hashtags

Unsurprisingly, the gender split shows more male than female commentators, although there is still a significant number of women talking about it on social media – more than a third of the discussion.

Gender Split
London by far leads the chat when breaking down RWC comment on social by county with more than six times the volume of any other county. Cardiff comes a distant second with Manchester claiming the third spot.

County Split