“I feel we truly reflect our surroundings and the people that occupy it. I grew up in a very nomadic fashion, traveling from town to town, constantly having to adapt to a new environment. I found myself tailoring certain aspects of my personality to fit into each small town I moved to. Because of this, I feel as though I have lived multiple lives through every place I have been to and as an adult I am still following this rhythm. I am keen to pick up and go where the wind blows. This work is a combination of reflecting on the past, contemplating the present and dreaming about the future.

I am Canadian born, but currently live and work in London, England.”


London-based photographer and collagist Colby Jones is spearheading this exploration with his latest series, “Cut Out For It,” which dissects the male form presented by Greek and Roman sculptures.

As long as I can remember, I have always aspired to achieve a physical appearance that exuded masculinity and have always felt that this would make me a desirable human being,” Jones said. “Having this standard has challenged what I consider to be beautiful as I have never been able to arrive at the peak physicality as the sculptures before me.

He said he wanted to make this series to challenge what he would consider to be a perfect mold, pulling out imperfections and highlighting, not hiding them. Each image represents the attempt to fit into something that might unattainable. In some collages, an unnamed naked male body is affixed onto an ancient sculpture, juxtaposing the two figures against one another; in another image, the same male body is positioned to appear hiding behind an ancient sculpture.

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