After a record-breaking crowdfunder campaign this summer, the Warwick Rowers today launch their 2016 calendar, and a whole lot more!

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It’s that time of the year again, and the Warwick Rowers are back to tempt us with their biggest ever range of naked athletic eye candy. As well as a stunning 2016 calendar with both full page pictures and monthly planners, there are no less than three new films, shot in England, Spain and the US, a massive range of bonus downloads with over 2000 images, and a limited edition coffee table book that has sold out half its edition already – despite a price tag of over £200!

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The calendar, which was shot on location at a beautiful English country house and a stunning Spanish villa, marks a step change for the sexy sportsmen. Tristan, making his second calendar appearance, explained:

After six years of working with strategically-placed oars, we wanted to do something slightly different. So we imagined what an ideal summer might be like, with the racing season over and college out of the way. That’s how we found ourselves playing croquet and drinking Pimm’s at an elegant country house in England, then working on our all over tans at an incredible villa near Marbella. Not like our real summers, sadly, where we were doing internships or working at the local supermarket.”

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As has become a tradition, the calendar launches with a hot new video that is free to share. Last year’s video has been seen by over six million people, and the boys are hoping that this year’s video will prove equally popular. Tom, whose ex-rower grandfather encouraged him to sign up for both the sport and the calendar, joked:

We haven’t quite broken the internet yet, but we think it’s safe to say that every year we add a few more cracks!

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Butt jokes aside, there is a serious side to the project, too. The calendar has become famous for its association with Sport Allies, a charitable initiative to challenge homophobia in and through sport. Sport Allies’ review of the existing research has shown that LGBT students who take part in sport at university are 50% less likely to take part in team sport (NUS survey), but that students who take part in team sport are more likely to go on to lucrative careers in leadership roles (Cornell study). In a joint statement published in the calendar, the Warwick Rowers and Sport Allies address this finding:

Sport can and must play a better role in our society. We believe that sport should be an opportunity to discover and fulfill your potential as an individual, whatever your sexuality and wherever you sit on the gender spectrum. That is why the vision of Sport Allies is to see “a world where sport is a leader in celebrating difference”.

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As well as contributing funding to Sport Allies, the Warwick Rowers hope their calendars will help get that message of inclusion out there. The laid back theme of this year’s calendar has allowed the rowers to show how comfortable they are with their bodies, their gay supporters and with each other. As the rowers themselves say in the video:

For the 2016 calendar, we want to show the kind of men we aspire to be. Men who are not afraid to embrace people of every gender and sexuality, and to show our affection for each other.   Because we think that’s a message that everyone needs to hear.

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All Warwick Rowers goods, including their new 2016 calendars, films, bonus downloads and limited edition book, are available to purchase now at

The Warwick Rowers are @naked_rowers on Twitter. Their Facebook page is at Warwick Rowing’s Men’s Naked Calendar and they are @warwick_rowers on Instagram. All videos can be found at

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