Since Venture launched a little over a week ago, 20,000 trips have been created, dozens of premier events have been listed, hundreds of Airbnb listings have been added and those numbers will increase significantly in the weeks ahead.


Unlike most straight travellers, gay guys befriend one another quickly and are comfortable sightseeing and spending the day with fellow travellers they have just met. SCRUFF members will now be able to easily see, meet and make plans with people visiting a city before and during their trips.

•   Visiting Now & Arriving Soon: See a list of guys who are currently traveling in a city, or will be visiting a city in upcoming weeks, allowing you to connect with them weeks or months before you even get there. You could be best friends before you set foot in that destination.

•  Ambassadors:  Residents of a city can volunteer to become Ambassadors. Ambassadors are members who have pledged to provide friendly advice and recommendations to visitors in their city.

•   Airbnb Integration: Members with listings on Airbnb & VRBO can showcase those listings right on the app

•      Local Events: Venture highlights local events to enable producers and organizations to more effectively reach travelers and increase attendance

•     Destinations Worldwide: More than two dozen travel destinations are featured and more cities from around the globe will be added soon

Historically, the most social travellers stayed in hotels & hostels and made connections with one another before they ventured out each day. However, the rise of Airbnb has undermined the social function of shared accommodations like Bed & Breakfasts, event hotels, and backpacker hostels. SCRUFF Venture brings back this social function by taking it online for gay travellers.

For more information, visit the Scruff website.

Scruff Lead