Millions of men value their ‘Bro-mances’ above their relationship with their partner, according to new research.

Although they love their partner very much, one in six men admit they don’t consider them a best friend.

Despite agreeing to spend the rest of their lives with this one special person, many men would prefer to turn to their mates for advice, companionship, and a good old gossip over drinks after a long day at work.

In fact, a third of blokes admit their partner simply doesn’t share the same interests and hobbies as them, while a further quarter claim their spouse never listens.

The study shows that in addition to their partner, the average male feels the need for at least three best mates with whom they want to share important parts of their life with.
Full_Range_Grant's_WhiskyCarrianne Sutton, Brand Manager for Grants Whisky, which conducted the study of 1,000 British men said: “Men need men, it’s as simple as that.

“Unlike a relationship with your significant other, the lack of intimacy in a Bro-mance means there are no barriers. They don’t need to be wary of what they’re saying and how they’re acting.  With blokes, anything goes.

“You can share a drink and have banter, knowing that whatever you say, it won’t get taken out of context.  In fact a lot of partners could learn a lot from their man’s Bro-mance!”

The study shows third of men want to spend quality time with their mates at least twice a week.

And a further 31 per cent said that if they were going on a weekend away they would want to go with their best buddies rather than their partner.

The ideal ‘brother’ will be able to make their friends belly-laugh even when they’re feeling absolutely terrible , while four in 10 want a mate who knows what to say when they’re having a bad day.

And when it comes to rating their bro-mance with their mates, seven in 10 say the most important quality for these male friendships is total honesty.

Half of all men polled claim the perfect friends will always be there for them whatever the hour, and this includes a knock at the door at 3am.

A further 47 per cent expect their mates to stick up for them even if they’re in the wrong, and similarly 34 per cent expect a friend to see the best in them regardless of how they behave.

Sharing hobbies and interests is a key factor for male friends, but so is sharing ridiculous conversations about nothing in particular.

In contrast, men want different things in a long term partner.

When questioned about the key qualities men look for in a life-long companion, six in 10 would like to settle down with someone who hangs off their every word and listens really well.

More than half of blokes polled reckon laughter is the key to a good relationship, and want to be with someone who shares their sense of humour.

A willingness to compromise, knowing how to make them feel good about themselves and sharing the same vision for the future are also key factors for a perfect lover.

A third of blokes want to be with someone who loves them despite their flaws, and four in 10 want their wife or girlfriend to understand how important it is to have time with friends.

A fifth of men claim partners come and go, but friends are there for life.

Incredibly, 17 per cent of men reckon you can’t class a partner as a best friend while 15 per cent believe the emotional connection with a loved one stands in the way of honest friendship.

Blokes also claim they don’t want to “stress out” their partner by talking to them about their busy day, with one in 10 saying their partner has no idea what they do at work anyway.


Blokes are totally honest, regardless of feelings
They are always there for you, even at 3am in the morning
Mates have the ability to make you laugh even when you feel terrible
They don’t judge you, whatever your behaviour
They’ll stick up for you whenever you need it, even if you’re in the wrong
They know what to say to you when you’re feeling really down
They enjoy trivial meaningless conversations about absolutely nothing
They are always on your side, even if you’re behaving badly
They always see the best in you, when perhaps no-one else can
They share all your hobbies and interests

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