Let’s be honest, our smartphones have become much more than a communication device with a mobile camera. In the age of Grindr and Tinder, sharing suggestive texts, pics and videos has become the new norm. As technology advances, the world of sex and flirting evolves with it, creating new issues in personal privacy. There are many privacy concerns around the use of Grindr and Snapchat for sending suggestive content, and many users are worried about having them leak. Instead of abstaining from sending revealing videos, why not take full control of the videos you send? After all, we’re only human. It’s both fun and safe.

Here is a list of the top apps that are safest for sexting, giving peace of mind to those avid sexters. These apps let you take full control over the content you choose to send, allowing you to have fun with loved ones, friends and complete strangers, without the fear of having your pictures end up online.

TVibes – Personal videos are the new sexts, and this app gives users full control over the videos they share. Soulmate mode is a feature that allows users to effectively share high quality personal videos with specific people allowing users to hide and delete on a whim, while hindering anyone from downloading them. Free iOS

Flirtmoji – Want to add some umpff into your sexting game? Flirtmoji gives you a wide selection of flirty and suggestive emojicons to share with others. Simply copy your desired emojicon and paste it into your text. Free Mobile Friendly Web App

KIK Messenger
– Why would anyone want their dirty messages and pictures connected to their mobile phone number? With Kik users signup without a phone number, filter contacts, and send pictures and memes with ease. Free iOS & Android

– Don’t you know the saying, “Never go through a gay man’s phone”? This app is perfect for storing and hiding all of your personal photos and videos. KYMS is disguised as a calculator app, and the only way to access the app is through a 4 digit pin number. $1.99 iOS & Android

Telegram – Want to secure your messages? Telegram is the best way to send private messages, videos, voice notes and pictures across multiple platforms. All messages are encrypted, and users can set type expirations that will destroy those messages. Free iOS, Android & Windows

– Who says couples don’t know how to have fun? Couple is an app designed specifically for couples to communicate with on a private timeline, allowing them to send private messages, pictures, videos, and voice notes. Users can doodle in real-time, video chat or ‘Thumb Kiss’ with their significant others. Free iOS & Android