Most Brits believe that transgender women offenders should be placed in a women’s prison. The exclusive research from The Huffington Post UK shows how government policy is “bonkers” and “significantly out of step with public opinion”, according to transgender activists.

The study commissioned by The Huffington Post UK and conducted by YouGov reveals that 68% of Brits believe a person who was born male but has transitioned to become female should be housed in women’s prison. This comes after debate was ignited by the deaths of two young transgender women in prison, and the high-profile relocation of prison inmate, Tara Hudson.

The poll also highlighted that most Brits are comfortable sharing toilets with transgender people (67%). The results are in sharp contrast with the situation in the US, where a 2014 survey found that over half of those surveyed (59%) thought that transgender people should use a toilet that corresponds with the gender they were assigned at birth.

The majority of Brits (69%) would also support their child if they wanted to change sex, while only 10% would refuse to support their child.

But only a quarter of Brits (25%) would be happy (as opposed to supportive) if their child wanted to change sex and more than a third (39%) would be actively unhappy.

The poll was released today to coincide with the launch of TransBritain, a special series on The Huffington Post UK to mark 2015 as a landmark year for trans visibility and rights. The series will celebrate the heroes who are fighting for transgender equality in Britain, and will look into the key areas of British life, including health, politics and prisons, that are shaping a new era for gender.

The poll findings were welcomed by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, who told HuffPost UK: “These findings point to shifting attitudes – I’m very happy to see that the majority of the United Kingdom population agree with me that transgender women should be housed in a female prison. It’s sad that it has taken the death of two women for the Government to take action.

According to trans actress Rebecca Root from the BBC series Boy Meets Girl, 2015 is the “year to be trans”. After Stonewall finally agreed to campaign for trans people in February, and MPs launched the first ever transgender inquiry, the difficulties trans people face are well and truly on the map.

Paul Twocock, Stonewall’s Director of Campaigns, Policy and Research, said: “While it’s encouraging to see an increase in trans visibility and allies to the trans movement – there is still so much left to do until all trans people are accepted without exception and are treated equally. Until figures like those in this survey are at 100%, our work will continue.

Fieldwork undertaken on 2nd and 3rd December 2015, by YouGov for The Huffington Post UK. There were 1,672 UK respondents. Read the original article here.

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