Topping off a record-breaking year, the Warwick Rowers launch Gift Certificates to solve those last minute holiday shopping headaches!

The Warwick Rowers have had a good year in every sense.  They have achieved their best racing season on the water (as the men’s rowing team at Warwick University) and have beaten their own sales records to reinforce their position as the world’s favourite calendar pin-up boys!

WR16 Christmas 1

The boys were determined to make this year’s range their best ever, and the feedback from both media and supporters has been that they have succeeded:

The 2016 calendar is the sexiest yet,” Curtis Wong, Huffington Post

Lord, have mercy. Homophobia doesn’t stand a chance against these naked men.” Matt Ford, Buzzfeed

The Warwick Rowers have blessed this planet again… in all their bountiful glory,” Joseph Lamour, MTV News

Now, they have launched their first ever Gift Certificates to make those last minute present problems a thing of the past.

The Gift Certificates are available in three currencies (US Dollars, Euros and Pounds Sterling) in any combination of 10, 20, 50 and 100 denominations.

The Certificates are delivered instantly either to the gift recipient, or to the purchaser for sending to the recipient at the date and time of their choice.

WR16 Christmas 2

As Tristan, one of the rowers who is also joining the board of Sport Allies, said:

Buying Christmas presents is a lot of fun in theory.  But in practice there are are often problems with the Christmas post, problems with not knowing what people already have, or what they want.  Or maybe you’re just rubbish with sticky tape!  Our Gift Certificates solve all those problems and are a safe bet for anyone with an interest in guys!

The Warwick Rowers 2016 product range includes a stunning 2016 calendar with both full page pictures and monthly planners, there are no less than three new films, shot in England, Spain and the US, a massive range of bonus downloads with over 2000 images, and a limited edition coffee table book. All Warwick Rowers goods, including their new gift certificates, calendars, films, art prints, greetings cards, bonus downloads and limited edition book, are available to purchase now at

The Warwick Rowers are @naked_rowers on Twitter. Their Facebook page is at Warwick Rowing’s Men’s Naked Calendar and they are  @warwick_rowers on Instagram