Homoculture seeks to reclaim from the assimilationist encroachments of mainstream lore, a sacred space where we can explore the vibrancy, diversity, spirit, truth and fun wrapped up in the LGBT+ community’s rich difference. Not for nothing have many ancient and non-Western civilizations revered our community’s non-normativity as a near-supernatural gift. Homoculture enthusiastically concur and with this volume, they invite all queers, dykes, fags, bis, trans, inters, undecideds and other to connect, commute and set free their highest selves.

Homoculture’s core team (Homoculturalists) sees themselves as part of a planet-wide network of collaborators and friends – it’s their mission and pleasure to grow, showcase and protect non-conformity. They aim to forge an original, authentic, enlightening and life-affirming platform for voices, visions and expressions of creativity that illuminate the countless ways the world’s LGBT+ population makes up a unique community – and celebrate the heroic idiosyncrasies that make every one of us an unprecedented individual.


The book itself is 160 pages of collaborations with a broad tribe of writers, thinkers, photographers and illustrators; we also bring disparate cultural practitioners together to workshop resonant themes. In this issue they present film-makers, painters, musicians, activists, photographers, dancers, performance and cabaret artists, choreographers, authors, curators and at least one (you be the judge) game-changing pornographer. The cover is intentionally provocative, but look closer and you’ll realize that it may not be what it seems – perhaps you can never judge the book by its cover (or perhaps you can). The book’s end pages have been designed by renowned UK artist Jacob Love, exclusively for the issue. The book runs only in print and is a limited edition of just 1,000 copies, perfect for every queer coffee-table or an out-of-the-box (in all senses of the word) festive gift.

At HomocultureMag.com, the brand’s new website – you’ll find ongoing, up to date stories on queer cultural practitioners across the world and a unique on-line gallery, where they are offering limited edition, serialized or one-off works by their featured artists, contributors and makers for sale. The gallery will only carry pieces that are exclusive to Homoculturemag.com so you’ll won’t be able to purchase the items in the gallery elsewhere.

Also on-line, you’ll become part of a global community of curated queer events and happenings across the world, and they will soon be bringing you their very own series of global, intriguing performance and discussion events.

To summarise, Homoculture describes a vital, eclectic and edifying global conversation that’s their great privilege to be part of. But it’s not just their conversation – but yours, his, hers, theirs – everyone’s.


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Chapter One / Creators
Chasen Igleheart / Jean Abreu / Bishi Bhattacharya / Bertil Nilsson / Jan Soldat / Travis Ridlehuber / Takao Kawaguchi

Chapter Two / Voices
Jacob Love + Tim Marshall / Jonathan Kemp + Jennifer Tyburczy / Clifford Landon Pun + Richard Yap + Khalil West / Charles O’Byrne / Paola Revenioti + Panos H. Koutras / Surat Knan + Ajamu + Paul Bonham

Chapter Three / Tribes
NYC Downlow + Block 9 / Gabrielle Le Roux / Maricon Collective / Radical Faeries / Jacob Love

Chapter Four / Outriders
Rose Wood / Roy Brown / Carlos Pons Guerra / Andrew Logan / Siya Ngcobo / Chuck Holmes / Slava Mogutin