Hornet is committed to HIV health innovation and is investing in its Health Innovation Group with a new officer for SE Asia.  Health and Innovation Strategist for Southeast Asia came on board to strengthen partnerships between the network of organizations, enterprises, institutions, and activists in Southeast Asian countries who share the goal of promoting the health and wellbeing of gay men through fun, creative and sex-positive outreach campaigns.

Hornet Gay Social Network (PRNewsFoto/Hornet Gay Social Network)
Hornet Gay Social Network (PRNewsFoto/Hornet Gay Social Network)

Data shows that HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men in this region continues to increase while prevalence among the general population has been in decline. Very few gay men are knowledgeable about PrEP, a newly available tool for HIV prevention, or the benefits of effective HIV treatment for improved health or prevention. Additionally, gay men continue to encounter significant barriers when accessing treatment or prevention.

I want to see more gay men getting tested and accessing appropriate treatment or prevention services following their test,” said Lieu Anh Vu, Hornet’s new Health and Innovation Strategist for Southeast Asia.  Vu joins Hornet from United Nations Development Programme UNDP where he worked as an LGBT social justice and health advocacy.

Those who test positive will receive friendly treatment, care and support; those who test negative will receive prevention tools of their choice without fear of being judged,” he continued. Vu’s work with other partners will ensure that they have the opportunity to effective engage users improve the health and wellness of gay men.

This year, Hornet looks to achieve the following goals:

  • To raise awareness and understanding about PrEP, TasP, and available HIV health services among gay men and other men who have sex with men in Southeast Asia.
  • To improve the access of gay men and other men who have sex with men to testing services, treatment and prevention tools, especially PrEP.
  • To maximize Hornet’s ability to help gay men in Southeast Asia provide peer support to each other, learn about health issues, locate service providers and track their health status.
  • To share data on gay men’s accessibility to health services in Southeast Asian countries with partners for improvement of services and potential policy advocacy efforts.

Hornet recognizes the unique opportunity that social networking apps present in ongoing efforts to improve the health and wellness of gay men around the globe. The endeavors in Southeast Asia is part of an ongoing investment in the lives of gay men and fostering of stronger community relationships.