Being Tolerant Is So F*cking Hot


Increasingly driven by profit and greed, concerned only with perpetuating itself for its own benefit, the Church has lost its way. It has morphed into a very different beast, and it has failed its people. These are the times of the blind leading the blind.


In Eastern Europe, a new church is being built every three days. The world’s largest Orthodox cathedral is currently under construction, with an original price tag of €500 million expected to rise. How many children would that money feed? How many desperate souls could find solace in shelters built around the region instead? How many newly built schools would spawn the leaders of tomorrow?


Most of the funds fuelling this aggressive building campaign are public money. Meanwhile, the people lack medical facilities, medical equipment and even basic access to healthcare.


While the Church grows more and more concerned with Pharaoh-like projects, homophobia inside the Church is still as feverish as ever, and real world issues remain unaddressed.

In an age where churches everywhere have forgotten their true calling, we cannot stay silent. For what is freedom if not the liberty to question traditional authority?


Some Orthodox priests are just as dissatisfied. To protest Church hypocrisy, the hottest Orthodox priests take off their Holy Vestments in the 2017 edition of the Orthodox Calendar.

For “P.I.L.F – Priests I’d Like to Fuck”, the team behind the calendar immersed themselves in the private lives of the gay-friendly guests, to create a series of artistic pictures celebrating freedom from dogma.


Through the #OC2017 charity wall calendar, they wish to raise awareness of homophobia inside the Church. Years after its creation, the OC Art Project is still the only organised global effort against homophobia in the Orthodox region.


Furthermore by pre-ordering the #OC2017 charity wall calendar, you have the opportunity to support disadvantaged children living with HIV across Eastern Europe.

Starting today, anyone can discover #OC2017 wall calendar pictures by simply ordering on-line from Amazon or directly from their store at The price for the classic wall calendar is €14.99; the explicit version is €29,99 and the “Making Of” DVD is €9.99.