So tomorrow’s the big day where we realise that family is what we make it. We’ll come together to share presents, food, memories as well as re-hash the age-old family disputes over a few festive drinks.

Well, this year why don’t you really liven up your festive frivolities, especially if you’re newly queer this year, by playing these fabulously festive drag hits:

MAN CANDY – Shangela

We love a great Shangela hit here at Greek Love, this Season 2 and 3 queen definitely werqs hard for the money.  The song is part of a nine-track Christmas album called A H.O.E. Xmas, which has been released by Haus of Edwards. Fans will be pleased to hear that the record also features familiar faces Alyssa Edwards and Laganja Estranja. If you want to buy A H.O.E. Xmas, click here.

Tongue Pop the Halls! – Alyssa Edwards

In the same album as above, A H.O.E Xmas, mother of the Haus, Alyssa wreaks havoc in a plastic surgeon’s office and educates the chil’ren on when is the appropriate time to make that tongue pop (hint: every situation). If you want to buy A H.O.E. Xmas, click here.

Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man – Alaska, Courtney Act & Willam

After drag trio DWV broke up, it looks like three girls of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame have decided to start the next drag threesome powerhouse. Courtney Act, Willam and Alaska Thunderfuck seem to have become quite the girl group. Last year, they teamed up to release “Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man”. Alaska Thunderfuck said in a statement to Huffington Post: “we all love when bearded men give us presents from a giant sack” – don’t we all!

All I Want For Christmas – RuPaul

No list would be complete without the original Mama Ru. Her Christmas album entitled Ho Ho Ho (how does she think of these names?!) is a combination of original music, standards and comedy vignettes, obviously with Ru’s campy twist. The classic “All I Want For Christmas” is turned into a thumping dance song with lyrical changes requesting breast implants, a tummy tuck and rhinoplasty, so that (as she sings) “I can look real purty!“. If you want to buy RuPaul’s Ho Ho Ho, click here.

Now onto something even queerer, the RuPaul’s Drag Race queens have not only one Christmas album but two! entitled Christmas Queens (…original).

If you want to buy the two fabulous Christmas Queens albums, click here for the original Christmas Queens and click here for Christmas Queens 2. Just a couple of our favourite tracks below:

12 Days of Christmas – Katya

Our absolute favourite queen, Katya, who first appeared in season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, seems to be receiving a lot this year, especially from Jerry O’Connell who plays Katya’s love interest in the video. Thankfully, the video also features a hefty helping of half-naked boys, which means Katya has given us everything we asked for this holiday season.

Working Holiday – Manila Luzon & Alaska Thunderfuck

From Christmas Queens 2, we have Manila Luzon & Alaska Thunderfuck in “Working Holiday“. Manila plays one of Santa’s most exuberant North Pole workers while Alaska portrays one of Saint Nick’s more disgruntled South Pole elves. A drag queen Christmas tale unfolds as Manila gushes about making families happy while Alaska grumbles about Santa’s less-than-generous overtime policy.

Manila says that “since it seems we are always traveling and doing shows, even during the holidays, Alaska and I wanted to dedicate a song to all those people who also work this season. “Working Holiday” goes out to those earning their pay and a half: from retail employees at the mall and the kids selling popcorn at the movies, to the waiters at Chinese restaurants!” – that’s a lovely thought.

And here’s a GIF of the RuPaul’s Drag Race Pit Crew (why not?!)…MERRY CHRISTMAS! x